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AVITA MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 2011. The founder, Mr. David Chen, has served in plastic and package industry for over 30 years, he also co-operated with many global famous companies with great achievement.
In 2010, Mr. David Chen retired from the family company. However, a former collaborated R&D client requested him to continue working together as the family company cannot meet their demand!

Hence, in 2011, Mr. Chen led AVITA R&D engineers who are from U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and Taiwan to coordinate with clientele’s R&D and built up customized equipments successfully. Furthermore, they resolve lots of manufacturing issues together. 

AVITA promises to provide high performance equipments with reasonable price and excellent after sales service to feedback for our global partners.
In the past years our R&D team developed:
   ► Thin TPU film laminating system for wide waterproof device
   ► Multiple–layer 5M wide pre-stretch blown film line
   ► 11 layer blown film line with stacking die
   ► 5 layer extruder using high percentage recycled  P.E.T  material for agriculture greenhouse

   ► Pre-sized cling film on roll 
   ► Square-Bottom stand up bag, Breathable microwave film 
   ► Multiple-Layer Double-Bubble pre-seal air bubble film on roll
   ► F.F.S bagging system
   ► Anti-UV system for fresh milk package
   ► Automatic elastic bandages on roll cutting and packaging system
   ► Medical Gauze auto folding and packaging system

Our Main Products Include:
             Mono-Layer Blown Film Machine
             Multi-Layer Blown Film Machine
             PVC Extrusion Complete Line
             Pelletizing Extruder
 Printing Machine:
            Flexographic Stacking Type: 1 color ~ 8 colors
            Central Impression Type: 2 color ~ 8 colors
 Bag Making Machine:
             T-Shirt Bag & Calendar Bag
             Side Seal Bag & Bottom Seal Bag
             Shopping Bag: Soft Loop, Die Cutter, Patch Handle, and Poly Draw Bag 
             Bag on Roll
 Recycling Machine:
            Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

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