Medium Size
Medium Width Mono Layer Blown Film Machine

EH45T ~ EH65T

Advanced Die and Screw Design for high output and reliable production quality.
* Inverter Drive for energy saving and convenient operation.
* Complete HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE Die, Air Ring and Screws to be chosen to fit different material.
* An economical method for producing films.
* Adjustable tower height.
* Simple construction with easy operation.

Optional Auxiliary devices:
Embossing roller, Auto-loader, Manual screen changer, Dual Layer Die,
Surface treater,Melt and temperature meter, Auto surface winder upgrade,
Face-to-face rewind, Rotary Dieand Air Ring, Edge guide, Chiller air box,
Oscillating Haul off.
Die & Air Ring with Rotary Device
Model Suitable Material Screw Dia. Max. Film Width Max. output Screw L/D Ratio Main Motor(w/Inverter)
Ø45 700mm 60KG/Hr 30:1 30HP
EH55T Ø55 900mm 100KG/Hr 30:1 40HP
EH65T Ø65 1200mm 150KG/Hr 30:1 60HP